KJ-Ceramics 35

Presentation Guideline

1. Invited and Oral presentation

Division presentation Discusion Room D
Invited 24min 5min 1min
Oral 10min 4min 1min

※ Mobile devices drag left and right

  • All of the presenters are required to bring their own laptop.
  • For connecting to the projector, VGA or HDMI ports are available.
  • Presenters' cooperation for keeping the time schedule would be very much appreciated.

2. Poster Presentation

Allocated Poster Presentation time ( Date : 22nd Nov., Place : Main Hall A)

Time Event
12:00~13:00 Placing poster
13:00~14:20 Poster Presentation
14:20~15:00 Removing poster
  • Poster size: 90cm (width) X 150cm (height) (Board size: 90cm (width) X 210cm (height)
  • Please don't forget to remove the posters. Posters remaining after the removing time (15:30) will be discarded.